Cello Academy Zutphen

A way of studying and playing for cellists who want to develop themselves further, as a person, as a musician and as a cellist.

Cello Academy Zutphen: courses for further education

Music is a way of life, a path that requires regular practice, study and deepening. For ambitious cellists who want to travel this path, the Cello Academy Zutphen organizes intensive courses and study days, closed with concerts at various locations. Also the Cellofestival Zutphen offers students a stage.

Learning how to make music with inspiration and sharing this inspiration with the audience. The Cello Academy teachers challenge their students to develop broadly, as a cellist, as a musician and as a person. Students develop into musicians who make music in a moving and inspiring way, who dare and are willing to play beyond technical skills. They learn how to communicate the emotion, that the music evokes in them, to their audience and they connect with the audience.

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